The Walking Dead Season 7 Teaser

Negan Vs Rick

The Walking Dead Season 7 Tease

 The Walking Dead Season 7  Teaser

With Season 7 of the Walking Dead soon to hit televisions world wide, FOX has revealed a terrifying look at the latest season of the show. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan a menancing new villian in the long running AMC series. Fans of the comics will know just how bloody Season 7 will be.

The show returns carrying on right from Season 6, the teaser shows a bloodied Lucille (Negan’s barb-wired baseball bat) and a tense exchange between Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes who promises to kill Negan.

Fans can expect The Walking Dead Back this 23rd October and we will all find out which series regular the show kills off after last Season’s anticlimatic and infuriating finale.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Teaser