Avozilla – a Monster Avocado is here!!

Rip Property Dreams

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It’s time to give up the ghost on ever saving up for that property as growers in Queensland have started to sell a monster avocado called “Avozilla”. The Avozilla are huge and a single fruit can weigh up to 1.2 kilogram and the largest spotted have clocked in at a hefty 1.8kg!

Avozilla TheSpread SpreadAU Spreadfood avocado
Photo Credit : Groves Grown Tropical Fruit

Avozillas retail for about $14.99 each. With a creamy texture; Avozillas have been reported to taste like a Hass Avocado. The size of an Avozilla is approximately 5-6 times that of a regular Hass Avocado. In comparison a regular sized avocados, which weigh on average 250 to 300 grams.

New to Australia, Avozilla is only grown at the Groves Grown Tropical Fruit farm at Yeppoon Queensland. The current crop of Avozillas in Australia was planted 4 years ago by the Grove family who planted 400 Avozilla trees. The Avozilla breed is subjected to plant breeder’s rights regulation which strictly controls the right to grow the fruit. Like Truffles in Tasmania, We think Groves Grown has lucked out on a $$$$ dollar produce, and should easily pick up some juicy sales as millennials look to ruin their own dreams of owning a house by stocking up on delicious, nutritious avocados. Imagine how much avo on toast you can get from just one of these bad boys!

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Photo Credit : Cameron Perna

Avozillas are available at the following retailers and we expect the roll out to happen soon as word gets out.

Parisi’s Food Hall, Rose Bay, NSW
Forest Way Fresh in Terrey Hills, NSW
Sutherland Best Fresh, Sutherland, NSW
Sylvania Best Fresh, Sylvania, NSW
Peaches Fresh Food Market, South Fremantle, WA
The Floreat Market, Floreat, WA
The Herdsman, Herdsman Lake, WA

So far these are the only places across Australia that stock these giant fruits, but as word gets out we’re expecting more stockists to pop up.

Featured Image credit :(Photo Credits: Peaches Fresh Food)