BL Burger by Bar Luca opens on Oxford Street

Poutine burgers, cheese burgers, vege burgers, and more.

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Image Credit: Bar Luca

The unstoppable team behind Bar Luca, consistently touted as having some of the best – if not the best – burgers in Sydney, are prepping to open their new venture BL Burgers to open this week on Sydney’s Oxford Street.

Bar Luca shot to fame and became a name revered amongst discerning burger aficionados after their Blame Canada burger became a permanent fixture on the menu, quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most perfect burgers to ever grace this fine harbour city, fashioned as a poutine burger with poutine fries, American cheddar, maple aioli, streaky maple bacon, and a juicy 200g beef patty all balanced in a soft bun. It’s still a highly sought after commodity, so it’s no surprise that the team are bringing Blame Canada to BL Burgers, spreading the love a bit further towards the CBD, with the impeccable creation in good company with just about every burger on the Bar Luca menu, including the regular specials that this masterminds come up with on the regular.

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BL Burgers was prepped to open on Saturday during Mardi Gras, which it did at 5pm, giving those fabulous folk on the street a juicy preview before the official opening on Tuesday 8th March at 12pm.

The menu so far includes a Classic Cheese ($12) with 200g wagyu patty, American cheddar, house-made ketchup, mustard, and pickles; a Wagyu Beef Burger ($14) with a 200g wagyu patty, streaky bacon, American cheddar, tomato, lettuce, pickles, aioli, and house-made ketchup; the Chicken Karrage Burger ($14) with wasabi aioli, pickled veg, coriander, and coral lettuce; a vegetarian option with the Chickpea & Kumara Burger ($14) which has spiced yoghurt, coral lettuce, tomato, and coriander. The aforementioned Blame Canada will be the most expensive burger on the menu at $15, because that’s how demand works. There will be a weekly burger special announced on B L Burgers’ Facebook page regularly.

BL Burgers Bar Luca Darlinghurst

For more information visit BL Burgers on the internet HERE.

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BL Burgers by Bar Luca

1/151 Oxford st Darlinghurst