Belly Bao Baoger with Bacon and Hashbrown

The Baoger upgrades

Belly Bao bacon and hashbrown

Sydney Bao Specialist Belly Bao will soon be adding hashbrowns and bacon from Marrickville’s Black Forest Smokehouse. What is one of Sydney’s best burgers will now be even better with some of the best bacon you can get in town. The baoger is a fusion east meets west burger that has a pale white guabao (Taiwanese in origin) bun.

“We’ve tested plenty of Bacon options and Black Forest Smokehouse out of Marrickville had this double smoked bacon that cooks fantastically and adds a sweetness, crunch and saltiness which we think works well with our belly baoger” – Sylvia Tran

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Belly Baogers are available every Thursdays in the basement of Plan B Small Club

Belly Bao