Restaurant Hubert Sydney CBD

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Restaurant Hubert The Spread

Restaurant Hubert Sydney CBD

Restaurant Hubert is set to open this coming week in Sydney’s CBD. Swillhouse’s (the masterminds behind Shady Pines, The Baxter Inn, Frankie’s Pizza) will open at 15 Bligh Street. The new venue will have Dan Pepperell​ (10 William Street) doing the food here.

The new Restaurant Hubert will have a theatre in it that will be used for cooking classes, masterclasses and events. Food by Pepperell is set to impress with roast duck stuffed with duck sausage with pickled cherries and dijon jus. Also here, crab spaghetti, sides of kimchi gratin and potato mornay.

On the barfront, classic cocktails like the Manhattan, martini and margarita will strongly feature as will french wines.

Restaurant Hubert

15 Bligh Street Sydney, NSW, Australia

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