WTF: You Can Now Get Vegemite and Cheese Popcorn in Australia

We’re not sure how to feel about this one


Village Entertainment, who own and operate Village Cinemas and Event Cinemas, have announced a limited edition Vegemite Popcorn to add to the ridiculous Vegemite-flavoured food that is slowly taking over Australia. And we’re not sure how to feel about this one, especially as Boost Juice’s attempt at introducing Vegemite to their smoothies has been received with mixed reviews (though they do throw in chocolate and banana with it).


It’s all part of a new series of Gourmet Premium Popcorn options offered by Village and Event Cinemas across the country. These options include sweet flavours like Rocky Road, Raspberry and White Chocolate, and Salted Caramel. Add to that list the newbie of the bunch: Vegemite and Cheese, with the flavour profile somehow transposed onto everyone’s favourite movie-going snack.

They’ll be serving from 2nd July for a very limited time only, at all Candy Bars in Village Cinemas across VIC and TAS, and Event Cinemas across NSW, QLD, SA, and WA.