This is Soooo Bananas #BananaArt

Going Bananas!


The next time you’re peeling them bananas and putting them up your into your favourite breakfast/on your pancakes or into your smoothies, know that someone out there is putting their creative juices into everyone’s favourite yellow tropical fruit. We’ve already seen bananas art made made famous by Andy Warhol but this is some slick shiny artwork that’s being made with a banana.

1.screaming face banana is gonna give you nightmares

2. Screaming face banana in happier times

3. WTF. Banana eyes are watching you ______.

4. Snake banana is what we imagine Malfoy would eat

5. Probably inspired by God of War 3.


6. Homer Banana, its already Yellow. Kind of works. 7. Alien Banana is bursting to get out of the banana.

8. Luke I am your banana

9.Davy Jones outta Pirates of the Caribean. 10. Some sorta Dragon

10. But seriously though. This one is so good it warrant another pic. Alien Banana.