The Walking Dead’s Steven Yuen and Conan O’Brien have made a K-Pop music video

Featuring K-Pop Star J.Y Park, Wonder Girls, and TWICE.


U.S talk show host Conan O’Brien has teamed up with The Walking Dead’s beloved Steven Yuen (who plays Glenn) to continue a string of international episodes of his famed late-night show, this time absorbing the vibrant culture of K-Pop in Korea. “I didn’t want to leave before making my mark on one of Korea’s biggest exports”, O’Brien says in the video below, before revealing and he and Yuen have picked up some K-Pop tips from one of the genre’s biggest names, J.Y. Park.

Together with Park and other K-Pop Stars (including Wonder Girls and TWICE), O’Brien and Yuen have made their very own Korean Pop video for a single named “Fire”. Watch the hilarity unfold below. To watch the video click the ‘playlist’ drop down in the top left hand corner of the player and go to #10.

You can also catch up on an older video of O’Brien and Yuen visiting a Korean spa. Lol.