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Top 10 Tips Instagram

As big fans, and avid users, of the Instagram platform for our daily dose of food photos, cool art and celebrity goss, we sometimes find that businesses don’t take advantage of the platform and make some easily remedied mistakes on their accounts. In this day and age, no one can afford to do that so here are our top 10 tips for Instagram if you’re a business (these could just as easily apply to a regular user)

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1. Maximise the Bio. Some websites advocate weird fonts but we find them off-putting; there’s plenty of space there for a nice little brief about your business and its goals. Write that. You’d be surprise at all the places that do not even bother putting thought beyond “we do this and this. Follow us”. Put in a dedicated hashtag that is custom-fitted to you, although you obviously want to avoid using a generic one, lest your posts drown in a sea of content. You can also remove the e-mail in the bio and put that in the dedicated link that Instagram provides. Check in from time to time to see what Instagram is doing to their backend, then adjust the bio as needed.

2. YOUR HOURS + ADDRESS! We’re yelling here but this is one of our biggest frustrations: not being able to tell if a venue is open just from looking at their profile. It’s a quick add to the bio and one of the most important – people want to know when and where. This is one where its really important to get right, and to keep updated. You might also want to check elsewhere on the internet, and your own website, to make sure all hours are consistent at all times.

3. Add in all contact methods – Got an email? Put it into the backend. Got a number? Do that also. Store front and an address? Do it. It’s surprising that so many places often forget.

4. Archive Archive Archive! It’s a good idea to look at your “GRID” – the squares on your instagram feed – and curate it by taking out all the ugly/poorly lit photos so you are able to curate a better, cleaner looking profile. No one will miss your old pics and it’ll make the whole thing look better. There’s nothing wrong with taking out all the text-heavy, graphic-heavy boxes that you’ve put up to promote “Happy Mother’s Day” overlaid over some generic stock photo you cribbed off Google.

5. Use your ‘Instastories’. Do quick videos and snaps to shoot and show what’s around your venue. Nothing gnarly, just the good, tasty stuff.

6. Vary your content. Post less, Post better. Shooting a nice looking piece of cake? Take a few snaps, move around it. Get it from the side, top, and do a small video. That way on different days you can post the same dish, but spice it up a little. Mix up the pics and don’t post back to back images that are really all the same. Mix in video every 5 or 6 squares.

Top 10 Tips Business Instagram SpreadAU TheSpreadAU

7. Image Quality. Modern phones have excellent photo quality. But your hands are probably covered in grease so buy a lens cloth and wipe your lens. Why are there so many horrible blurry pics on instagram? Wipe that phone and you’ll get a better pic; that lens cloth is essential. Avoid filters where possible.

8. Consumer “regrams” and content sharing. Some places have it easier than others when your audience takes great photos, and plenty of them. Repurpose these and TAG + CREDIT them. Nothing worse than having your photo stolen without credit, and its always nice to see images that you’ve taken re-shared making one potential regular think “oh, had a great time here last time, maybe we’ll revisit”. You can now also share images to Instastories. Engage your community and they’ll love you for it.

9. Be Responsive. Check in. Respond to real comments that aren’t obvious bot comments (“like it”, “cool feed”, “love your feed” and the ilk) – just a simple “thanks, glad to hear you loved it” will do. Check your geo-tag and comment on those consumer photos as well. As mentioned above, engage.

10. Geotagging. Instagram offers a way to geotag your images and you should most definitely be taking advantage of this. Geotagging also enables a venue to show up in the area’s geotag overviews, so you’re missing out on many, many eyeballs if you overlook this. Eg. If “Peter’s McPieshop” is based in “Petersham, geotagging the picture with the shop location means it’ll also show up in the Petersham location stories, as well as the broader location tag (eg, Sydney)
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