Alien Covenant 10 things that do not make sense

Um, Ridley, whatchoo playing at?

Alien Covenant 10 things that do not make sense

Alien Covenant
Get Ready, We’re about to drop the bomb on Alien Covenant

The New Ridley Scott Alien/Prometheus movie is out and we’ve seen it. Review this way. Now that we’ve had some time to sit and process what we saw; here’s a few things about Alien Covenant that does not make sense to us at the Spread. Mind the spoilers!


  1. How do they scan an entire solar system, map every planet but miss the exact planet that has the broadcast signal necessary for the plot?
  2. Why would they land on a planet and not wear masks/helmets without checking out the atmosphere? There could have been pathogens in the air and water. They wore masks in Prometheus.
  3. Why does Covenant’s crew assume giant wheat like plant is wheat without any analysis of the flora and fauna.
  4. How does a giant city full of dead humanoid Aliens not come up in conversation with the crew and David?

    David the Android pondering Alien Covenant’s plot.
  5. Why does Billy Crudup’s Oram character who just minutes ago threatened to shoot David, follows him into a dark basement and stands over a creepy egg. Especially after having fought with the little white aliens and having just killed the creepy humanoid white Alien
  6. Why do the Aliens in covenant come out as mini-me versions of the Alien instead of a chestbuster? And why does it salute David the android like it was in a cartoon?
  7. On this whole planet, do the engineers only live in the one city?
  8. Why is the timeline in which new facehugger, from attack to birthing so accelerated in Alien Covenant? The second character to be impregnated didn’t not even have it on his face for long; whereas in the original Alien movie, it was clamped on for hours.
  9. How did David chop off his hand, fix his voice box and fix the nail hole in his chin and find enough time to change into Walter’s clothes and get onto the cargo lander?
  10. With 2000 souls on the covenant, why did David even bother to help the surviving crew on the Covenant? He could have blown them all out to space or helped the Alien kill them.

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Alien Covenant 10 things that do not make sense
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