Farpoint Playstation VR

That Precision Aim

FarPoint Playstation VR PSVR (3)

Farpoint Playstation VR

Coming soon to Playstation VR is Farpoint, a VR space shooter from Impulse Gear. Farpoint utilises the Playstation VR Aim controller – a peripheral designed for intuitive use, sharp shooting and precise accuracy.

Farpoint begins following a cutscene that transitions to ingame sequence as disaster hits the space shuttle and the player is sucked into a space anomaly and the game begins as you land on a mysterious planet.

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Farpoint is a full length first person shooter and the experience is an immersive space adventure. In our hour long hands on, we experienced the title’s story mode as well as the games co-op mode which plays a little like a FPS horde mode.

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Farpoint single player mode:

With incredible looking visuals (played on PS4 pro), Farpoint’s visuals are wonderfully realised with a fidelity and sharpness to the world. As the game begins, the gamer through the power of VR is stranded on the planet, a desert region with craggy rock and a smouldering smoke pillar in the distance. Utilising the Aim controller, we were able to move through the world with ease and the VR aspect of the game enveloped us in the universe. We were able to easily run by clicking in on the motion controller. There are various ways to move through the space but in this mode, we move where the gun is point and it works very well.

In the world of Farpoint, Storytelling has told a couple of ways, there are cut-scenes but they are limited in use and the story is fleshed out via “motion clips” you discover by scanning markers. You then watch as holograms come to life right before your eyes. The demo ends as we encounter a few critters but what we experienced is encouraging.

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Farpoint Co-op Mode

Farpoint also features a 2 player co-op mode and in this mode, players take on hordes of enemies in a frantic horde mode where you flank and shoot your way to the exit point. While playing Co-op Mode, we get more guntime as there are plenty of creatures to kill and it should be noted that the PSVR Aim controller is very accurate and you can even stare down the sights with the long range sniper weapon to kill the enemies (1 shot kills). That was a very cool and surprising feature to the game and works really well allowing long distance kills.

With more room for killing space critters, it quickly becomes apparent how good the game feels. There is a feel of playing “Starship Troopers” as you’re taking on skittering bugs and then we spot the larger mechanical beasts. Co-op mode is pretty fun as you can flank enemies and the game also features voice communications which allows you to talk to your friends and direct them to take action.

Co-op mode also features the ability to revive – the scanning mode in Co-op allows you to revive a player; the alternate way to get through the mission if to clear the area allowing for a respawn. Challenging and fun, We rather enjoyed the addition of multiplayer for Farpoint.

FarPoint Playstation VR PSVR
PS VR Aim Controller

Releasing on the 17th of May Farpoint is an exciting new title that truly does feel new. Combo that with the PS VR Aim controller, you’ll have the best way to play this new title. You can also play Farpoint with a Dualshock 4 but we can’t imagine playing this any other way.


Farpoint Playstation VR

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Impulse Gear
Platform: PlayStation®VR*
Genre: First Person VR Shooter
Release: 17th May, 2017
Pricing: PS VR Aim Controller Bundle with Blu-Ray disc – $129.95
Standalone – $89.95
Rating: M