Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Chloe and Nadine’s Subcontinental adventures

Uncharted Lost Legacy - The Spread Review (17)
Uncharted Lost Legacy - The Spread Review (13)
Uncharted The Lost Legacy is the fifth title in the Uncharted the franchise. And the first to not feature franchise star Nathan Drake as Naughty Dog spins off the series with Chloe Frazer (uncharted 2) as the lead. In The Lost Legacy, Chloe and ex-shoreline villian Nadine Ross team up on a spelunky adventure through India looking for the tusk of Ganesh. Along the way, Chloe and Nadine will have to content with Asav’s armed forced (think evil indian bill gates).If you’ve played Uncharted4, mechanically The Last Legacy is largely the same – A third person cover shooter/actioner where you climb and shoot while monkeying around on/in/outside ruins, throwing rope and doing daring leaps through space. In TLL however, spaces lead up and the verticality makes for some incredible swinging sequences – that coupled with the jaw dropping graphics makes for a highly engrossing experience.Uncharted Lost Legacy - The Spread Review (16)

What The Lost Legacy does well, is that the game has carefully skirted the pitfalls of 4, slow plodding flashbacks, large tracts of climbing that had a curiously monotonous tedium to it – and too little combat. TLL is a tight fun adventure, all up about 8-10 hours and a rock and roller adventure full of high stakes fun and gorgeous visuals. TLL has even made treasure hunting fun with an optional power jewellery that gives an audio cue when you’re near treasure.

Lost legacy also refines the “open world” aspect introduced in UC4 but makes the world more alive – all manners of animals inhabit the spaces, there’s a point to the exploration – a large open world of little treasures and combat arenas. This comes earlier in the game, breaking up the uncharted formulae. There were multiple times that TLL did things with the game and story that any long time player of the uncharted franchise would watch and go “I see how you played with our expectations there”. It’s a small touch but appreciated.

Set pieces are a trade mark of the Uncharted series and here, the team have crafted multiple points of marvel and the geniune excitement of seeing where team ND is taking you next is all the fun (so consider skipping their spoilerific trailer). There are several puzzles in TLL which are challenging and architectural dense and visual impactful. India looks wonderful; both old, new, destroyed and worn – ND’s skill at producing these fantastic visuals.They do these well team ND.

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There’s lots to like here. From the banter that brings Chloe and Nadine to life; to their developing bond as their journey takes them into untested waters. I was convinced that by the end of Uncharted 4 that ND should give give up on the franchise and give it a long hiatus, The Lost Legacy shows that team ND still had plenty of ideas left in it – and the ability to trick and surprise even fans of the franchise. Done in a year, The Last Legacy is a full realised title that many other studios wish they could churn out to this level of finesse as Naughty Dog has managed in the time.

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With 2 powerful, intelligent female characters front and centre in one of Sony’s leading playstation franchise, Naughty Dog is also giving female gamers a duo of strong heros to look up to and identify with.

+ Tweaks and advancement to Uncharted 4 gameplay engine
+Uncharted is the leading rope swinging 3rd person adventure game
+Incredible uncharted set pieces are still terrific
+Comes with MP+survival modes
+ Fun Combat arenas

+ Open world Ghats is full of places to explore
+ incredible visuals

– some late game character dialogue that felt a little too out of character
– It was too late to order pizza and we wanted pizza


  • Review based off TLL code supplied by Playstation